Managed Services

Stress-free Results

Our managed services cover a wide variety of digital tasks. The managed services we offer are designed to remove the stress and confusion that often come with digital tasks. We always aim to offer the highest standard of work that is possible, and we ensure the service is complete before the deadline arrives. Our managed services include things like email campaigns, email marketing, website migrations, website backups, DNS configuration, web hosting configuration, SSL certs and website speed upgrades – just to name a few. If you require a digital solution for your digital task, contact our team and we can come up with the best solution for you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to get the word out on any information you might have for your customers. Email marketing typically comes in the form of an ezine, which is an email that has been developed using HTML and CSS to showcase your content in a webpage format. Our team can develop and deploy any email campaign your company might have. We can take full control of the process and ensure your email marketing campaign is delivered to its audience on time, and displaying exactly as it should be.

Ezine Design

Some companies opt to go for a simple off-the-shelf template when creating an ezine, and this works if you just want something plain and simple. Our developers specialise in bespoke ezine development for our clients. When our clients require something that is a bit more visually engaging, something that captures the brand identity, this is where our team stands out. We can create complex layouts that are both responsive and fully functional across all email clients. As previously mentioned, ezines are tricky to develop for all platforms. To ensure quality, we Litmus test all of our ezines to be sure they display perfectly across the various email clients and display platforms.

SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is a technology that puts an encrypted layer between a server and a browsing client to secure any data that is transmitted from your website. An SSL cert adds an extra layer of security to your website to ensure your audience is safer while they browse. When your website has an SSL cert, a web browser recognises this and tells the user that the website is secure. These days, some browsers mark your website as un-secure if you do not have a valid SSL cert, this often discourages your audience from using your website, which is never good. There are various types of SSL certs out there and choosing the right one for your website will depend on the website itself.

Social Media Campaigns

These days, having a social media presence for your business is essential. Social media can reach a huge audience across the globe and therefore, get your business noticed. Our social media team can create a social media presence for your company and manage the content that goes out to the public. Social media has so many benefits when trying to build an online presence for your brand. You can also run ad campaigns to ensure your ads are seen by the desired target audience. Our social media specialists ensure that nothing but quality content is released from your social media account, and we will always get sign-off confirmation from the client before we release anything. There are various plans we offer to our clients from full social media management, or even just developing the graphic design or branding for your social media campaigns.